Dr.Brandt - Teeth Whitening Pen

The new product in dental business:


Trust in German quality and effectiveness:

Developed by German dentists: The seller in Switzerland!

Visibly whiter teeth: instantly and without risk.

Safe ingredients: without TEA (triethanolamine, produces hormonal imbalances and may be carcinogenic), without Flouride (not only hardens the tooth enamel, but also all other tissues in the body, such as intervertebral discs, cartilage, joints), without xylitol

Contains 14 to 19% carbamide peroxide more than other teeth whitening pens - amount of content: 35%

No damage to the enamel, as the peroxide eleminates only organic substances on the

The application is very simple and can carry anywhere, even with the lack of time or on the road, you can use the practical tooth whitening pen easily. 
How it works:
1) Thoroughly brush your teeth and mouth rinse dry     
2) Visible teeth with a handkerchief or towel             
3) Visible teeth whitening gel carefully brush with can                           
4) for 30 seconds, mouth open like when you smile, to dry the gel dispense                    5) Half-hour to eat, drink, coffee and smoking 
First, brush your teeth properly, preferably with an electric toothbrush or sonic toothbrush - also best to use dental floss. Then rinse your mouth with water and brush afterwards the visible teeth (front teeth) with just the whitening gel. To get the bleaching gel out of the pen, you just have to rotate slightly at its lower end (dosing). When brushing, make sure that you touch the gums as little as possible. Now you can smile broadly for 30-60 seconds, lest the whitening gel can touch the lips. After this short waiting period, you can close your mouth and should not eat anything for half an hour, drinking andconsuming no stimulants such as alcohol and tobacco. The whitening gel is dried andthen performed his miracle. Finally, if necessary, rinse the mouth with water again, done!The brush at the tip of the whitening pen still briefly with clean water, replace the cap andthen a cool, dry and protected from light.